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In lndia every branch of science was developed abiding natures rules. Ayurveda is a system of medicine practiced in India since time immemorial. It evolved as a result of the centuries long research by sages who were eminent scholars. The term Ayurveda denotes 'the knowledge of life' which by itself shows that it is not just a system which provides remedies for health disorders but also aids in maintaining the ideal balance for a healthy living. Unlike the other systems of medicine, Ayurveda makes use of natural methods like dieting, yogic breathing and also medicines from special herbs which have high medicinal values.

This system came into existence as a result of the continous observation and study on nature for hundreds of years and thus has a concrete presence in Indian philosophy and wide ranging applicability in almost all arenas of life. It follows a  holistic approach towards treating ailments, thus aims at rejuvenating the individual as a whole physically, psychologically and spiritually. Even though the system evolved centuries ago, it is still in pace with the present era that no malignancy stands incurable to the power of Ayurveda unless ignored for long.

According to ayurveda, the human body is composed of three fundamental elements called 'Doshas, Dhatus and Malas. Doshas represent the physio-chemical and psychological activities of the body whereas Dhatu denotes the material entering into the structure of the body cell thereby performing some basic actions. Finally Malas are the substances which are partly used in the body and partly exerted in yet another form after serving their physiological activities. The role of the physician is to diagnose the imbalance in this dynamic equilibrium and to give appropriate medication or advise on how it can be brought to the original state. This is because the human body is influenced by doshas and if they are maintained in the appropriate balance, all the other imbalances would fall in place.

Methods of Ayurvedic treatment are primarly classified in to 3:

·         Antharparimarjanam

·         Bahirparimarjanam

·         Sastraprnadhanam


Various types of treatments in Ayurveda are:

·         Panchakarmas

·         Therapeutic vomiting

·         Purgation

·         Cleansing enemas

·         Nasal application of herbs

·         Rejuvenation

·         Diet and dietetics

·         Pizhichil

·         Navarakizhi

·         Dhara

·         Sirovasthi

·         Udavarthanam

·         Snehapanam

·         Kizhi ,etc